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13 Ways of Looking at SXSW Week

For twenty weary travellers,
The one thing common to schedules
Is the SXSW registration stand.

I had three dollars,
Lucky for me
Tumblr were paying for the drinks.

A 3D printer whirred in the Austin sun.
It was worth the wait for my keyring.

A man and a woman
Are one.
A man and a woman and Elon Musk
Are one.

I do not know how to decide,
The immediate satisfaction
Or commit to the flawless.
A food truck burrito,
Or a wait in the Taco Shack line.

Morning fills the convention hall
With glass screens smudged.
The SXSW app groans
Under requests, minute by minute.
The attendees
Are overcome with deep urges
To download Dexter.

Oh, SXSW Music peeps
Things have changed now in Austin.
Can’t you see the geeks
up on stage
Making the girls weak while they tweet?

I hear many strange tongues
And opinions and charms;
But I know, too,
That not even my Aussie accent
Will get me to the front of this line.

Lectures on Serendipity are followed by,
serendipitous meetings
Discussing Serendipity.

With the determination of a startup
The salesman dodges interjections,
To deliver his pitch to script
And distribute his cards like a dealer.

He again traversed 6th
In a Pedi-cab.
At once, he had pangs of jealousy
and cursed
As a tricycle passed,
with a Game of Thrones carriage.

#daftpunksxsw is trending.
Geeks and musos must be rejoicing.

It was 4am in the morning.
His cab was late
And getting later.
The early start clouds a morning of SXSW reflection
But there’s 14 hours in Economy ahead.

Borrowed from City Lights‘ 13 Ways of Looking at a Burrito, (which borrowed from Wallace Stevens’ 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird).

13 Ways of Looking at a Burrito - Klipschutz @ City Lights, San Francisco
Klipschutz @ City Lights, San Francisco




I’m penciled in to see Douglas Rushkoff talk about his new book Present Shock at SXSWi this week.

I haven’t read much of his stuff, but find intriguing his thoughts on control.

This is a great intro video from VICE, where Rushkoff reflects on the relics of industrial politics and explains 21st century opportunities for ‘movements’ via Occupy.

The excitement you can sense in breaking down or hacking our ‘inventions’ (corporations, debt, industrialisation) is pretty important, and it’s a great lens to approach how we operate in business.

‘The object of the game is not to win. The object of the game is to develop a sustainable model.’

Looking forward to the session on Saturday.