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There are no such thing as insights
Heated debate around the commercialization of ‘insights’ in the planning process.

“Do things, tell people.”
Faris Yakob interviewed by GapJumpers on his career in advertising.

Voice as the new UI
Some considerations for adjusting to voice as a primary user input, from the Huge CEO.

Theatre goes RPG
A great insight into Punchdrunk’s experience design (and game-design future) from their founder/Artistic Director.


Read all about it.

On humanizing technology
Some great projects that demystify technology to drive more practical experiences.

Smart Balloons
Google Project Loon has successfully circled the world in 22 days – the real time adjustments are pretty crazy.

Intel and City of Dublin go Smart.

Annie96 is typing
A ripping short story, in a contemporary format.

Making friends
The Project Lead walks us through the creative partner selection process.

Ignore the buzzwords…
But some good case studies in this Trend Watching report.

Ideas with strings – some more Godin gold
A neat metaphor for new-school communication planning.


I’m penciled in to see Douglas Rushkoff talk about his new book Present Shock at SXSWi this week.

I haven’t read much of his stuff, but find intriguing his thoughts on control.

This is a great intro video from VICE, where Rushkoff reflects on the relics of industrial politics and explains 21st century opportunities for ‘movements’ via Occupy.

The excitement you can sense in breaking down or hacking our ‘inventions’ (corporations, debt, industrialisation) is pretty important, and it’s a great lens to approach how we operate in business.

‘The object of the game is not to win. The object of the game is to develop a sustainable model.’

Looking forward to the session on Saturday.

My first time

Last week I got railroaded into my participating in my first meme. The Harlem Shake explosion and (just as rapid) fizzle gives us a few learnings in how to generate momentum, and hopefully cross over to the mainstream for online-led content.

Techcrunch ran a great piece exploring some of the things that make the Harlem Shake so appealing.

It’s something to think about when tasked with video-led, ‘viral’ briefs – how are we making this thing appeal to people’s instinct to involve themselves (firstly with a share, and even better, by making their own!)?

Harlem Shake went crazy as it covered off a few things I reckon:

  • Anonymity – the element of disguise protects those who don’t want to be called out.
  • The definition of snackable – leading to the ‘just one more’ when viewing it, and related versions.
  • Fun – it’s actually entertaining to be involved and to watch.
  • A network – requiring high numbers of people from a base participation level means a wider network of friends/followers to kickstart the content.
  • Accessible – low production, easy to edit.

But the key element in this case is the formula the TechCrunch article mentions. It’s very easy to take the format and tweak/personalise/build/own it.

We need to inject these types of elements into our content briefs – especially as clients are demanding more and more participation. Perhaps dissecting successful templates like the Harlem Shake is a good starting point.

And for the record, the BMF Harlem Shake went down like this.