Read all about it.

Interview with Yancey Strickler – Kickstarter CEO
He cites Fugazi as an influence, he’s got my vote.

Developing strategic leaders
A few ground rules for encouraging a more strategic culture in managers.

Framing problems: Puzzles vs Mysteries
One has a clear answer, one isn’t scientific at all.

Flipping the experience
The xx are taking a unique approach to their latest gigs

Getting started with hardware
A whole heap of Arduino projects.

Bringing agencies up to speed
Great read from Happiness Brussels calling for agencies to move on from pure advertising.

Cisco looking for Digital Disruptors
Specifically, teams … ” (that) operate at the intersection of data science, user experience/design, and business architecture.”

The 3 questions to nail in job interviews

43 of the best tips I’ve read on personal development


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